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The Alsatian Gastronomy

Gastronomy in Alsace:

Try the delicious specialities of a unique gastronomy : “Lohns eich schmecke !” “E Gueter !” (Bon appétit in Alsatian)

In Alsace, everybody knows… that the history of gastronomy matches that of men! In the restaurants, the inns, the Winstubs and their traditional Stammtisch, togetherness and know-how are part of an art de vivre. Traditional bread bits are topped with local voluptuous rosehip preserves, damson jams or multi-flower honey. Whether a pastry cook, a butcher, a brewer, a baker, a cheesemaker, a grocer, a beekeeper, a chocolate maker, a wine-maker or a distiller, each and every craftsman does their utmost to preserve and share long-lived traditions that have since been passed on and improved from one generation to the next… Alsatian gastronomy meets all tastes for its cuisine makes a difference: it is extremely generous and exquisite whether the dish is salty or sweet. And the gourmets will undoubtedly find the appropriate wine to go with the food they eat…

Among the traditional recipes of Alsace you may find the Zewelkueche (an onion tart), the Roïgebradeldi (braised potatoes with onions and lard), the cervelat with vinaigrette, the Sparichle (asparaguses), the Lewerknepfle (liver quenelles), the typical Baeckeoffe, the Flammekueche (tarte flambée), the Bibeleskäs (fromage blanc), the sauerkraut with its Wädele (a small knuckle or back of ham), the Schiffala or Schiffele (smoked pork shoulder with a potato salad), the Fleischschnacka (rolled dough with pork and veal), the goose or duck foie gras, the game (hunting rights are particular in Alsace), all sausages and hams… Not to forget the numerous spirits and ales…

Gastronomy and Alsace have been for centuries words which match perfectly. The irresistible sauerkraut, the white wine (Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Gris..) of course, the porkbutcher’s delikatessen but also the delicious cakes and pastries (Bretzel, kougelhopf..) are choice dishes of the rich Alsace country.
In the Farm inns, taste the various local dishes and of course, Munster, Barikass, Tommes and goat cheese.
Alsace, capital of a jovial way life and good food likes and prepares them passionately.

Alsace boasts the highest density of Michelin-starred gastronomic restaurants of the country and with 7 grape varieties and 51 Grands Crus, beers, Wines … get on well in Alsace.